Thursday, September 6, 2012

you can wear animal prints.

i have a request:  please stop telling yourself that you can't pull certain trends off.  one thing that i think is important to remember is that once you start trying new things, you'll get more comfortable and realize that other people don't have nearly as many limitations on what you can wear as you do.  so take a risk!

ok, now that i got that out of the way, you should be ready forrrrrr....


i used to think animal prints were extremely tacky, but now i'm kind of obsessed.  maybe i realized that there are classy ways to wear animal prints or maybe i have less class.  who knows?

adding a subtle animal print accessory is comfortably do-able for pretty much anyone (or at least it should be), especially when worn with all black, white, or neutrals.

try these options if you're looking for a little animal print:

this top is pretty perfect in the way it adds subtle leopard print.  the colored skirt makes it really fun, but you could also opt for pair of black jeans and boots or heels to make it chic.  there's really no chance of being tacky here:

Urban Outfitters - Pins and Needles Collar Tee - $34.00

oddly enough, phones are considered an accessory now.  i'm ok with it though, especially when there are so many cute cases to choose from.  case in point (sorry for the bad pun):

Urban Outfitters - Fun Stuff Cheetah iPhone 4/4S Case - $16.00

if you're not a big feline fan, that's ok too.  zebra print looks equally awesome when done correctly, as it is here:

Pixie Market - Patent Zebra Clutch - $44.00
or you can just go all in and wear printed, high-waisted skinny jeans. must. have. these.:

ASOS - ASOS Skinny Jeans in Tonal Animal Print - $60.36

last weekend, i opted for a leopard print cut-out top from forever 21, and it was less than $20! since you were wondering how it looked, i will show you:

what are your thoughts on animal prints?  any suggestions?

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