Monday, September 17, 2012

blouses for all


i've been pretty carefree in choosing tops and shirts ever since i had my breast reduction. just kidding.  this is all i've ever been working with.

anyway, while i'm not personally familiar with this problem, i know many of you struggle to find tops that don't draw too much attention to your chests.  button-up blouses with pockets can pose problems, from what i hear.  don't worry -- options exist and other necklines and styles that are just as fun and fashionable.  i see these blouses worn with belts to create more of a waistline or with a statement necklace to break things up a little. 

 try some cut-outs without being too revealing because you're classy.
Tobi - Chic Slit Blouse - $54.00

little velvet collar = amazing. you already knew that though.
ASOS - ASOS Top with Velvet Collar - $51.74
printed blouses make outfits more interesting AND look grrrr-eat with solid-colored belts. (tony the tiger moment.  won't happen again.  still in my animal print mode.)
Urban Outfitters - Silence & Noise Silky Printed Blouse - $59.00
this shirt doesn't need any comments. it's just really cute and that's obvious. in fact, this shirt is offended that i'm even typing anything about it right now.

Urban Outfitters - Kimchi Blue V-Inset Crinkle Blouse - $59.00

so what do you think?  any other suggestions?  let me know please!
xoxo lauren


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