Saturday, September 15, 2012

blog changes

hi!  you may have noticed some weird changes to the blog recently.  lindsay and i are considering hiring someone to create a blog design or switching over to wordpress, though i'm not sure exactly how to work that software yet.  does anyone have any suggestions?

we're also working on some posts based on the comments we've received regarding clothing that is comfortable for different body types and consignment shopping.  look out of those!

in the mean time, you can catch up with getting fit so that you'll wear the sh*t out of those awesome clothes.  my buddy anne marie pretty much knows everything there is to know about fitness, and she doesn't mind sharing her skills and tips on her blog ROCKY ROAD RUNNING!  make no mistake -- being in shape is always in style.

check back here tomorrow for updates!

xoxo lauren

1 comment:

  1. I'm far from a blogging expert but I do use Wordpress and would be happy to show you some stuff if you want! Good luck!