Sunday, October 7, 2012

hot and broke.

i'm gonna level with you guys:  i really can't afford to buy even 99.9% of the clothes, accessories, and shoes that i want.  not even the cheap stuff.  i'm a social worker with a bad habit of parking my old car in spots that inevitably lead to parking tickets.  a lot of them. if you don't believe me, check out this pic of me cuddling with a freshly-issued violation.

and i'm wearing a jacket that i recently got from forever 21 for like $24.99.  gimme a break, philadelphia parking authority.  anyway, the point is that I have to choose items wisely and often end up wearing things that aren't as up-to-date as id like.  and, no, i don't think articles that tell me "invest" in $500 shoes are gonna help me out.

my suggestion for all of you is that you find a piece of clothing or an accessory that's relatively inexpensive, versatile, and cool enough to make your old stuff feel fresh or at least remind your and everyone that you're not completely out of touch.  at least until you finally hit the lottery (and you will).  i've put together a list of items that i think will do just that.  choose one or two of these awesome-enough-to wear-several-times-a-week pieces, and i'm pretty sure you'll be looking less broke in no time (disclaimer:  you'll actually be more broke after you buy them):

Fanned Earrings - $25.00, TOPSHOP

Patchwork Infinity Scarf - $40.00, Nasty Gal

Shire  Boot by Marais USA  -  $160.00,  Need Supply

On point ring  -  $12,  Pixie Market
Morocco Bag - $70.00, Need Supply

Grypon Cuff - $30.00, Need Supply

Point Ring by giantLION - $36.00, Need Supply

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  1. Great post!! You guys are some funny bloggers!