Monday, September 24, 2012

my emmy likes and dislikes

everyone has their best and worst emmy ensembles and i'm no different! the main reason i watch award shows is for the fashion. and then of course watch fashion police judge everyone in joan rivers's biting style. :)

so many people looked fabulous.  here are my likes: 

Elizabeth Moss - I love the print, the cut, and the hair goes perfect with it. Who knew she had it in her?

Morena Baccarin - She's so beautiful and the dress is so unique. Love it and love her!

Julianne Moore - Such a cool choice. Great color, great cut, suits her age - this is AWESOME!

Leslie Mann - At first glance, I was thinking "ehh...", but then I looked a little more and realized I loved it!

Allison Williams - I'm loving this perfect combo of sexy and classy.  Just like her character on Girls!

of course, not everyone looked so hot. here are my dislikes:

Connie Britton - She's so cute.. but no. Doesn't fit well, tacky looking.. probably the worst I saw.  It ages her and she's beautiful so that doesn't need to happen.  Come on, Connie!

Ashley Judd - Ashley, you're so beautiful. The dress, the hair - WHY?!

Lena Dunham - The hair is so cute.  I think I get where she was going with this dress, but unfortunately it's just too overwhelming.  Maybe as a short dress?

Lucy Liu - She is so beautiful, it can't be that hard for her to look good.  And yet she makes things complicated by wearing this uncomfortable disco ball looking dress.  It's not horrible, but it's not good either.


  1. i think morena looks the best. i like julieanne moore but the bottom half of the dress looks like the drapes from gone with the wind. your dislikes are right on the money.

  2. omg those dislikes are HORRID! Love leslie mann's. Great pics!

  3. fun post lindsay! i thought julianne hough's hair was really pretty!