Saturday, August 25, 2012

workwear that isn't extremely boring.

i really dislike spending money on work clothes when i could be spending it on going out clothes or parking tickets.  however, i am a grown up now, which means that i focus on buying items that i can wear to work and possibly outside of work.

if, like me, you want to start making an effort to do more than shower and brush your hair in the car before work, take a look at these cute, reasonably-priced items for inspiration:

(disclaimer:  us short people may need to grow a few inches before these pants will look right.)
Thompson Fifteen - Hadley Pant by BB Dakota -  $35.00

textured flats, i think i love you.
Urban Outfitters - Pointy Pony Skimmer  by BDG - $42.00

fun belts make less work pants less blahhh.
Tobi - Dakota Embroidered Belt - $8.00

bright-colored pumps with sturdy heels allow you to look good while still being able to walk normally.
Urban Outfitters - Cooperative Canvas Pump - $49 

PEPLUM (the subject of many past and future blog posts)
ASOS - Top with 40's Peplum - $22.14

do you have any other suggestions for getting excited about the clothes you wear to work?

xoxo lauren

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