Monday, August 20, 2012


lindsay and i are both really excited for this little project that we’re trying to make happen.  the idea is that we will discuss our thoughts on one of our favorite subjects (fashion) and share some tips on wearing and finding trends.  please keep in mind that we are real people who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on purses, nor do we really have an interest in doing so.  we kinda love the challenge of finding great deals at our favorite chain stores and occasionally thrift and vintage shops.  that means we’re definitely going to limit the talk about runway fashions, though we do appreciate them!  and we’re going to be upfront:  no, we don’t just throw clothes on and run out the door.  we actually send pictures from our phones to get each other’s approval, at times while we’re still in dressing rooms.   hopefully, you’ll appreciate our honesty and maybe even enjoy it! 
thanks for…. stopping by…. (some of you will get this.)