Friday, August 31, 2012

Truth AND dare: web shops

TRUTH:  i spend many, many more hours locating awesome clothing websites than i spend in dollars purchasing clothing i add to multiple internet carts.
DARE:  my dreams can be your reality if you are prepared to take the final step involved in online shopping: paying. check out the list.

Pixie Market - Banana Sweater - $63.00

TRUTH:  i'm strangely interested in this banana sweater.
DARE:  find a cuter, less offensive way to wear bananas.  you can't.

Mikkat Market - Button Sleeve Blouse - $45.00

TRUTH:  i picked my necklace for lindsay's wedding from this site.  lindsay was able to get a dress for about for a very low price with the purchase of the necklace from an offer given on, which is also an excellent place to learn about lesser known stores.
DARE:  wear this blouse with this clutch.  the buttons are simple but so cute.

Wasteland - Second Skin Jean by Cheap Monday - $68.00

TRUTH:  the "shop" part of this web address is critical if you are interested in avoiding a pretty graphic S&M site. if not, enjoy that too!
DARE:  wear some printed skinny jeans if you want to be adventurous in less aggressive way.

Etsy - AuldNua Shop - $18.00

TRUTH: sometimes i get caught in the magical, time-suspending world of etsy.  it might be worth it though. for the purposes of this post, im talking specifically about the vintage section. lots of clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.
DARE: instead of spending a fortune on vintage-inspired trends, go here and get the real thing for a possibly cheaper price. you have now been challenged.

do you have any favorite sites to shop on?

xoxo lauren

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